Thursday, February 25, 2016

UPDATE: The lingering stench of Tom DeLay was even too much for the Freedom Caucus to tolerate

The hire means the Freedom Caucus has officially passed on hiring Ed Buckham, a controversial former top aide to Tom DeLay and central figure in the Jack Abramoff scandal. 

Original 1/12/2016 post starts here.
It sez so right here in LinkedIn.

Freedom Caucus eyes controversial former DeLay aide for top job.  (Politico, 1/11/2016)
Ed's got quite a history with Tom DeLay.  Their relationship began when DeLay chaired the Republican Study Committee, a conservative group that predated the Freedom Caucus. Buckham eventually rose to become DeLay’s chief of staff and top political adviser, and he was often described as the “gatekeeper” for the powerful Texas Republican. 

Wherein we also find this revealing quote.

Not this particular time.

But when you're a rich, connected sleazeball in high places, things often turn out your way.

He didn't serve a day in prison.

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