Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Still Following the Sussex-Lisbon Library Talks (Since 2010)

I hesitate to include the word "progress" in the title of this post.

Pauline Haass Public Library
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Lisbon, Sussex library talks resume. Town official: long-term library agreement will continue.  (Sussex Sun, 7/16/2013)

Excerpt:   The present formula provides the community's share operating costs based on the size of their respective tax bases. 

The Village of Sussex pays approximately $455,000 to the library while the Town of Lisbon pays about $435,000. 

Town Chairman Matt Gehrke has said the Village of Sussex share of the operating costs should be higher since village residents use the library more than town residents. 

Negotiations over the new agreement stalled for nearly six months until April when town officials indicated they might be willing put more money into the agreement if negotiations resumed.

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