Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sussex, Lisbon: Local Politics and Library Negotiations

Incorporation fight linked to library talks. Lisbon, Sussex to resume library negotiations.  (Lake Country Reporter. 5/27/2011)

Excerpt: It is "problematic" whether negotiations between the Town of Lisbon and the Village of Sussex over the operations of the Pauline Haass Public Library can be separated from the battles between the two communities over whether Lisbon should become a village, according to Town Chairman Matt Gehrke

An informal agreement to resume negotiations over the library was apparently reached during a private meeting Wednesday night, May 25, at the library between representatives of the village, town and Library Board.

Village Trustee Tim Dietrich and Town Supervisor Ryan Lippert are expected to begin private one-on-one talks in two weeks in an effort to develop the framework of an agreement that will allow the library to continue operations after 2014.

Attending the meeting were Gehrke and Lippert representing the town, Dietrich and Village President Greg Goetz representing the village, Library Director Kathy Klager and Library Board President Emil Glodowski along with Town Administrator Jeff Musche and Village Administrator Jeremy Smith.

The meeting was exempt from the Wisconsin open-meetings law because there was not a quorum of any of the three units of government, the Town and Village boards and the Library Board

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