Monday, October 4, 2010

And the Beat Goes On: Town of Lisbon/Village of Sussex Intermunicipal Library Agreement

Link to September 28 Sussex Sun article, "Sussex-Lisbon deadlocked on library?"

Excerpt: The intermunicipal agreement creating the library that is funded by the two communities is scheduled to expire in 2014. Library officials have asked the two communities to reach a new agreement as soon as possible so the Library Board and staff can begin planning beyond 2014.

Since the two communities' assessed valuations are similar, so are their shares of library funding.

The proposed 2011 budget calls for Sussex to contribute $560,190, about a $9,200 increase above 2010, and for Lisbon to pay $529,618, a reduction of about $1,000 compared to the 2010 budget.

But Town Chairman Matt Gehrke said the formula is unfair because Village of Sussex residents use the library more than town residents, based on circulation data.

According to the data, Sussex residents check out 49 percent of the approximately 329,000 circulated books and materials, compared to Lisbon residents 29 percent. The remainder is checked out by residents of other communities.

Library Director Kathy Klager has pointed out that circulation is only one barometer of library use. For example, there are about 11,000 children, teenagers and adults who participate in library programs, but, so far, there is no data tracking their hometown communities

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