Friday, July 18, 2014

It's Not a Pretty Picture for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback

GOP governor implements GOP economics, disaster ensues. (Washington Post, 7/16/2014)

How to create a debacle in 3 easy steps.   In many ways, Brownback’s term has been a perfect experiment in Republican governance. 
  • Take a crusading conservative governor, 
  • give him a legislature with Republican super-majorities so he can do pretty much whatever he wants, and 
  • let him implement the right’s wish list. 
The result was supposed to be a nirvana of economic growth and budgetary stability. But the opposite happened.

And according to the latest poll of the Kansas governor's race, it looks as though voters are going to make him pay the price.

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Gerard said...

I'm sure my in-laws are crossing their fingers.