Sunday, April 25, 2010

Indianapolis Star Editorial Board Keeps Library Funding Issue Front and Center

Link to April 25 Indianpolis Star editorial, "Political plot thickens in library budget saga".

Excerpt:  Set aside the technicalities and legalities and imagine the scenario facing Mayor Greg Ballard:

Within a few weeks, his administration and the Capital Improvement Board will perform a multimillion-dollar rescue for the Indiana Pacers while six public library branches get the death penalty.

The former is highly probable. The latter, therefore, has to be avoidable. Or so it would seem.

Politics, as well as the public good, demands that some outside help come to the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library system as it copes with plummeting property tax revenues. Library officials say they've been cutting expenses and foraging for new funding sources for several years, but cannot close the looming gap without across-the-board layoffs, reduced hours and closings of heavily used and cherished branches

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