Monday, April 12, 2010

Library Rally Caps? Get real, sez IndyStar editorial

Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library

Link to April 10 IndyStar editorial, "Library's saga takes fateful twist".

Excerpt: That said, library officials and taxpayers must read in the genre of realism.

Even aside from its construction overruns, the majestic new Central Library came with operating costs that are ill-suited to hard times. Wherever beloved branches are proximate to one another, both can't be spared. In cases where space is rented, that expense is a factor; though the popularity of a rented branch such as Glendale might be a trump card.

Cuts in hours, already imposed in recent years, may have to go deeper, with Central included. User fees for DVDs and more Sunday closings, neither of which is listed as a preferred step, should be on the table along with other options.

In days of famine, the smallest of savings cannot be overlooked. When better days roll around again, they will be easier to restore than the big sacrifices. For now, there must be large-scale response to the convergence of growing demand and shrinking income. Misery has company.

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