Sunday, April 25, 2010

Troy (Michigan) Public Library Threatened With Closure

Link to Patti Abbott's February 24, 2010, blogpost, "Shame on voters in Troy, Michigan".

Excerpt:    Allow me one rant--first in a long time-- although I promised myself to resist political posting. I just need to get this off my chest. I reserve the right to remove this post should I need to.

The city of Troy, Michigan will close its library, nature center, community center and museum and lay off 47 police officers after voters rejected a tax hike yesterday. This is not an isolated case, of course. Not even in southeastern Michigan.

Shame on the people who led this anti-tax charge. Don't they understand with property values falling, local governments have to raise money somehow? Institutions like those cut in Troy are important to society. We are already stripping the schools of every enhancement activity. And now comes community institutions.

Link to February 24 Detroit News about the vote.  No tally is given.  But Retiring Guy did find a summary at the Michigan 9th Congressional District Republican Party website.

Troy’s proposed 1.9-mill increase was snuffed by voters in most of the city’s polling locations following spirited campaigns both for and against the proposed increase.

With 19 of 19 locations counted, no votes outnumbered yes votes 12,631 to 7,316.

Whoa, mama, not even close.

Link to City of Troy video, "What do I get in return for my property taxes?"  (From 2008)

And then there's this, from CNN Money's 2008 "Best Places to Live".

Well, at least they'll have the low property taxes.

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