Monday, August 29, 2011

Boulder Junction Considers Three Options for Library Expansion

Excerpt:     Though a new library project was rejected last year in Boulder Junction, a renewed effort is well under way and the library board is keeping the community's budgets in mind.

Not to be discouraged from the town residents' previous lack of support, the library board sat down Thursday to discuss three new options from which residents may choose as well as how the board would to present them to the public.

Library director Cherie Sanderson has been working with town supervisor Dennis Reuss to get an estimated cost for all three options.

Realizing the town would not go for another $3 million new construction project, the three choices have been scaled back and provide more variety that could be more palatable for the voters.

The first option is an addition to the current building that would add another 6,000 square feet of new library space. Without the added cost of a new septic system, generator or firewall, the total cost is estimated around $860,000.

"This option seems the most practical for us and the one more people are likely to pick," Sanderson said.

The second option was referenced as a "phased-in annex," as it would create a new 7,000 square-foot separate space connected by a 1,000 square-foot wing. Basically serving as a self-sustaining portion of the building, the annex would cost about $1.5 million, not including a generator and septic.

"To me, this is kind of a crummy option because it makes us look like the bad guys getting a brand new library for $1.5 million, no one's going to go for it," vice president Algar Saulic said.

The first two options only include improvements to the library portion and leave the rest of the town offices and community space relatively untouched. However, the leftover space made vacant in the renovation could be converted to more office space or activity rooms in option two.

The third option is the most expensive, coming in at an estimated $2.3 million for a proposed 15,000 square-foot new building, which would include new facilities for all aspects of the community center.

The building would be constructed behind the current facility, allowing the current space to stay in use during construction

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