Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Working to Keep the Troy Public Library Open

Troy revisits library tax plan. (Detroit News, (5/10/2011)

Excerpt:    In what appears to be the beginning of the next go-round to save the Troy library, the City Council called Monday for a draft of ballot language for a dedicated millage.

The council expects to hold a public hearing and vote on the issue during its meeting May 16. "The sooner we get this done one way or another, the quicker this community can heal," said Councilwoman Robin Beltramini.

The draft language is for 0.7 mills for a five-year period. Mayor Louise Schilling said she proposed the figure as a compromise between the library's funding in 2009-10 and its lower current funding level.

Sharon MacDonell said she hopes the council decides to raise the millage rate before voting to put it on the ballot. The 0.7 mill figure is too low, she said.

Earlier Monday, about 35 library supporters walked from the library to the municipal complex, where they hoped to convince the council to put a levy on the ballot to fund the facility.

"If they can fund it through the summer we can garner enough support for a millage," said Jennifer Hilzinger an organizer. During the march, the group chanted slogans and carried signs that read, "Invest in the Best — Troy" and "Come on Peeps. We Need Books.

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