Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boston Public Library: Recommendation to Close 4 Branches (among other cuts)

Link to April 8 Boston Globe article, "Close 4 branches, library chief says".

Excerpt:  Boston Public Library president Amy E. Ryan recommended yesterday that four neighborhood branches be closed as part of an effort to eliminate a $3.3 million budget shortfall, targeting small outposts in disparate corners of the city.

Ryan’s proposal would also impose significant cuts at the main library in Copley Square and in administrative offices, slashing up to 94 jobs across a system that currently has 480 positions.

The option — which still needs approvals by library trustees, the mayor, and the City Council — was one of three Ryan presented to the Board of Trustees yesterday, and it represented the middle ground. Another scenario would close seven branches and expand hours elsewhere, while the third would close no branches but severely reduce hours across the system

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