Sunday, April 4, 2010

Boston Public Library: More than 100 gather to fight possible library branch closings

Link to April 4 Boston Globe article.

Excerpt:   After an Easter egg hunt at the Murphy Community Center in Dorchester, city and state officials discussed the choices for library officials, who are facing a $3.6 million shortfall after heavy cuts in the state budget.

“We are all so grateful for all you’ve done and your presence today,’’ said Boston City Councilor Maureen Feeney, who hosted the meeting.

The microphone was then turned over to Amy E. Ryan, Boston Public Library president, who touted public libraries’ relevance in today’s world. “More and more, it’s a place where people get necessary access to technology,’’ Ryan said.

Last month, library officials said as many as 10 branch libraries could be closed. The Boston Public Library must turn in a draft of the fiscal 2011 budget Friday, with a final version due April 14.

State Senator Jack Hart, who called libraries “centerpieces of the community,’’ proposed that some funds gained by increases in meal taxes be used for Boston libraries. In an interview after the meeting, Hart said he planned to discuss the matter with Mayor Thomas M. Menino early this week.

However, his suggestion of temporarily charging user fees was met with disapproval from Ryan

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