Thursday, December 7, 2023

When it comes to the legalization of marijuana, Wisconsin's all-male, whites-only GOP leadership aren't listening to their constituents

Headline:  Wisconsin State Journal, 11/3/2023

Bridge Michigan, 12/5/2023
Weed has become a big business along the border. There’s a battle for market share and large quantities of commercial marijuana entering neighboring states -- especially Wisconsin -- where the plant remains illegal. While it’s creating opportunity for business, it’s creating problems, too.  [emphasis added'
In small towns like Menominee, to the south of Mastodon, for instance, infighting over licensing has led to lawsuits. It’s also become a risky trip for some of the marijuana migrants who come to Michigan. While possession in Michigan is legal, cops just across the border in Wisconsin are ticketing customers, at a cost of up to $450, as soon as they cross the state line with their purchases. 
But thousands of customers like the two men from Minnesota take the risk.
Each pin on the map represents a customer at the Glazed and Confused recreational marijuana shop in the UP.

The same story can be written about the Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary in South Beloit, Illinois.

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