Sunday, June 6, 2021

Demise of Middleton Hardee's UPDATE: There's likely to be a Burger King in our future

Photo by Retiring Guy

Design review ion 6/8/2021 Middleton Plan Commission agenda

Original 12/18/2020 post, "After years of gasping for breath, Middleton Hardee's closes its doors", starts here.

Never stopped here once in 34 years of living in Middleton.  (Why bother?  Especially after a Culver's opened just down the street.)

Photos by Retiring Guy

Hardee's continues to abandon Wisconsin.
Hardee’s at West Clairemont Avenue in Eau Claire closes.  (WQOW, 12/23/2019)
Southside La Crosse Hardee's closes permanently.  (News8000, 12/30/2019)
Hardee's closure in Wisconsin Rapids not pandemic-related, spokesperson says.  (Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, 7/9/2020)

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