Monday, January 6, 2020

Conservancy Bend redevelopment in Middleton WI UPDATE. January construction site visit

The Pines, abandoned.  Demolition imminent.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Original 5/16/2019 post, "UPDATE:  From iconic supper club to rambling office building to Conservancy Bend Residences", starts here.

What was before the Middleton Plan Commission on May 14th.

The Parmenter Street roundabout is on the left.  Clark Street cul-de-sac, and stairs leading to the Conservancy, at upper right.

The plan does not include the Pines Office Complex but does include the one-story, hipped-roof office building shown here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

A view of the building from behind the Pines.

That was then
From the 1967 Middleton phone book

Throwback photos: Madison-area restaurants you'll never eat at again, part 1.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/25/2018)

This is now
Photos by Retiring Guy

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