Thursday, February 1, 2018

UPDATE: The latest news from what is now known as Heim's Woods, a Gateway Redevelopment infill project in Middleton

Photo by Retiring Guy

7/6/2017 update, " Middleton Plan Commission approve Gateway Project in concept", starts here.

Minutes of the 6/27/2017 Middleton Plan Commission meeting.
Staff distributed a letter that the City has received from a neighbor to the proposed project, outlining concerns with the project. Chair Brar noted that a public hearing will be held on the proposal at a future date and people will have an opportunity to comment on the project.

Original 6/30/2017 post, "Proposed infill development at North Gateway and Charing Cross in Middleton" starts here.

Just north of University Avenue.

Photo by Retiring Guy from May 5, 2017

7 single-family home lots created on the site.

 Minutes from 6/27/2017 not yet publshed.

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