Monday, December 21, 2015

Goldie Gelotte Hecei (1924-2015) Warren High School Class of 1943

1943 Dragon yearbook

Goldie's high school activities
Bookkeeping Club (2, 3); Junior Chamber of Commerce (2, 3); Science Club (3). 
1967 Warren City Directory
  • Gelotte Lucy (wid Anthony) r107 N South
  • Hecei Nicholas A (Goldie E) G&H Oil Co h11 Plum
  • Hecei Nicholas J typ Warren State Hosp r11 Plum
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Hecei Goldie r455 Hemlock Rd Warren (listed in county section)
  • Hecei Nicholas retd h455 Hemlock Rd (listed in both city and county sections)
  • Hecei Ronald M & Sharon C; programmer UR [United Refining Companyh25 Burch St  (listed in both city and county sections)

Goldie Hawn had no discernible impact on the popularity of her name in the 2nd half of the 20th century.

Other members of the class of '43:
John Swick.  (11/29/2015)
William Weidert.  (10/16/2015)
Maxine Retterer Young.  (8/15/2015)
Donald Conaway, Jr.  (8/13/2015)
Anne Smith Rossey.  (5/8/2015)
Doris Stevenson Barirde.  (3/31/2015)
Mildred Kahle Glotz.  (9/13/2014)
Robert Dietsch.  (9/8/2014)
Anna Mae Olson Howe.  (9/2/2014)
Lois Bogart Niederer.  (5/3/2014)
Verna Mack Swanson.  (12/22/2013)

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