Tuesday, June 15, 2021

GET ME REWRITE. Dan Knodl and Rob Brooks: We're only in it for ourselves.


Being a state lawmaker has plenty of perks, including a light workload, state health insurance and a per-diem check to cover expenses any day a representative actually has the gumption to go to the Capitol. 
But here is a lesser-known bonus: Lawmakers can submit bills that would benefit their own businesses. 
That's happening right now.


Don't expect any expressions of shame of changes in behavior.

This is probably a last hurrah for Knodl, who was re-elected to a 7th term in the Assembly by a mere 2.9 percentage points in what has always benn a very red district.

As for Brooks, he ran unopposed for a 4th term in the Assembly in 2020.  He was also unopposed in 2014 and won by lopsided margins in 2016 and 2018.  He can act with impunity.  He's shameless, in other words.

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