Saturday, December 15, 2018

CES 2018: Smart smoke detectors

CES 2019: Smartest New Smoke, Fire and CO Detectors. (CEPro, 12/14/2018)
For me, LifeDoor was a show-stopper at CES 2018, bringing to light the importance of shutting interior and exterior doors during a fire to thwart the spread of flames and related toxins. 
The stunningly simple device would be installed on existing doors, listening for the sound of smoke/CE alarms, and shutting the door as a response, via a simple spring-loaded coil. I named it a Best of CES 2018 – Sight Unseen winner. 
LifeDoor – the product and the company – was created by firefighter Joel Sellinger who has seen one too many fire-related catastrophes that could have been averted by the simple closing of a door.

$120 per door.  (Not yet available.)

From the National Fire Protection Association:  Trends and patterns of U.S. fire losses

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