Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Scott Walker's shameful legacy as Governor (the Lincoln Hills scandal edition)

3. Corrections debacle 

How the Lincoln School crisis unfolded.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Related series of posts found here.

Transportation edition starts here.

Or Scott-holes, to use the current shorthand.

Reported in Bumpy ride: an endless quest to fix local roads in Wisconsin.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/15/2017)

12/9/2018 Environment edition starts here.

Degrading our waterways part of Scott Walker's legacy. (Capital Times, 7/3/2018)

Walker, on the other hand, has little to say about this legacy.  Period.

For background, read the Cathy Stepp Chronicles, a series of posts about Scott Walker's choice of secretary at the Department of Natural Resources.  

"I wanted someone with the chamber-of-commerce mentality," he explained when making the announcement in late December 2010.

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