Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Scott Walker wreaks havoc twice in Des Moines Register op-ed piece

As Walker writes, without a hint of irony, in Putting workers’ interests before special interests.  (Des Moines Register, 9/15/2015)

Yup, he's toast.  And everyone else on the debate stage tonight knows it.

More wreaking havoc:
Dear Scott Walker, While wreaking havoc, keep in mind that the Presidential executive order is not a Barack Obama invention.  (9/8/2015)
Scott Walker, the undoer.  (9/8/2015)
Scott Walker's growing list of things worth considering: U.S.-Canada border wall, wreaking havoc in Washington, tougher penalties for WEDC fraud.  (/8/2015)
On Thursday, look for Scott Walker to wreak more havoc on his Presidential campaign.  (9/7/2015)
After Donald Trump wreaks havoc on Scott Walker's campaign, Walker decides this would be fun to do elsewhere.  (9/3/2015)

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