Sunday, September 13, 2015

Scott Walker's greatest hit: "Big Government Union Bosses"

Now in heavy rotation on your favorite oldies station.

As quoted in Scott Walker pledges to take on federal unions on Day 1 as president.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/10/2015)

Say it with me!

"I took on the big government union bosses, and we won. They tried to recall me, and we won. They targeted us again, and we won,"  
As quoted in Walker sticks to script, delivers safe, quiet performance.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/7/2015)

“We want to shift government power from the big-government union bosses to the worker. Nationally, for us to be able to make these sorts of changes … we have to make some similar changes.”
As quoted in Scott Walker promises to turn back the clock on taxes to Reagan era.  (Washington Times, 7/13/2015)

The big government union bosses are worried that workers may actually choose to keep the money for themselves.”
As quoted in Union Bosses Hate Gov. Walker for his Success.  (National Right to Work Committee, 4/3/2012)

So when we did it, the national big government union bosses came out and spent literally millions of dollars attacking us.”
As quoted in Wisconsin Governor Scott Wisconsin Addresses Recall Effort on Fox News.  (Mediaite, 12/27/2011)

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