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UPDATE. Oshkosh Public Library: Annual circulation and program attendance, 2009-2018

Oshkosh Public Library events calendar

Oshkosh Public Library in the news:
Community invited to celebrate new children’s area at Oshkosh Public Library.  (Oshkosh Northwestern, 1/11/2019)
Explorers Grove will feature a circle of tree-like structures that spans from floor to ceiling; a large animal mural, a reading bench and a discovery station designed for free play and interactive learning. The setting encourages children and their grownups to play together, with hands-on activities that will be changed out periodically. The first set of activities will focus on Wisconsin wildlife and their native ecosystems. 

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Oshkosh Public Library in the news:
Photo: “View from Oblio's back bar looking at Oshkosh Public Library designed by William Waters”.  (Trip Advisor, 7/26/2016)

Not a view seen during my Oshkosh Public Library days, although Oblio's was a favorite watering hole back then.

11/1/2017 update starts here.

Oshkosh Public Library in the news:
Obituary:  Sharon Lenz.  (Oshkosh Northwestern, 3/1/2017)
Library, businesses partner for deals this week.  (Oshkosh Northwestern, 4/10/2017)
Starting Tuesday Oshkosh Public Library will open at 8 a.m. weekdays.  (Oshkosh Northwestern, 8/30/2017)
Dark Stacks event a haunted literary thrill at Oshkosh Public Library.  (Oshkosh Northwestern, 10/19/2017)

8/14/2016 update starts here.

Source:  Wisconsin Public Library Service Data (2015 preliminary)

Recent OPL news:
Oshkosh Public Library goes to the dogs.  (Oshkosh Northwestern, 6/20/2016)
Chris Smieja, Tanner's owner, said he has been working as a therapy dog for two years, and enjoy coming to the library to help children build confidence in their reading skills and get more comfortable around dogs.

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Statistics found at Wisconsin Public Library Service Data: 1996 - Preliminary 2014. (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)

Oshkosh Public Library

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