Saturday, June 17, 2017

UPDATE: Rasmussen Reports and Donald Trump, working hand-in-hand

The Art of Cherry-picking Polls.  (FiveThirtyEight, 6/17/2017)
That poll, however, was one of his better results from a pollster that tends to find better results for Trump, compared to the many approval polls that we track daily.

6/17/2017 update, "This approval bump is brought to you exclusively by Rasmussen", starts here.

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Polls clash: Zogby 40% for Trump, AP 35%, Rasmussen 50%.  (Washington Examiner, 6/16/2017)
Why polls differ on Trump's popularity.  (FiveThirtyEight, 2/20/2017)The differences between these various types of polls may also narrow as we collect more data. So far, the only pollsters surveying likely voters are Rasmussen Reports and Zogby, and they aren’t very good pollsters.

6/5/2017 update, "Just when President Trump's approval rating is reaching a new low, Rasmussen dons its Mighty Mouse costume", starts here.

Here they come to save the day!

While other polls register continuing declines, Rasmussen pulls a 3-point-bump rabbit out of its hat.

5/24/2017 update, "Rasmussen keeps trying to pull Trump's head above water", starts here.

They regularly come to the rescue whenever Trump's approval polling average needs a little pick-me-up after reaching a new low point.

Source:  Rasmussen Reports via Real Clear Politics

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Rasmussen poll of Trump approval rating today is heavily contradicted.  (Inquisitr, 4/16/2017)
CNN notes that Rasmussen also will not disclose how they determine who they call. Most pollsters use a method called random digit dialing, where homes of voters are called randomly, while other pollsters will conduct their polls from a privately maintained voter file. It is unclear which of these methods Rasmussen uses, and Rasmussen will not disclose their methodology. 
The Rasmussen poll of Trump’s approval also was not detailed in all aspects of his job, compared to other polls. Rasmussen only reported on job approval and disapproval, whereas other polls went deeper into issues related to the presidency, international affairs, Congress, and foreign policy.

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