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UPDATE. Marathon County Public Library: Annual circulation and program attendance, 2009-2018

Marathon County Public Library in the news:
Wausau librarian of nearly 45 years retires from children's desk.  (Wausau Daily Herald, 1/10/2019)
Heili, originally from Two Rivers, started as a librarian in 1974 when Wausau's city library merged with the Marathon County Public Library. She started early on working in the bookmobile, traveling through nearby communities and seeing local parks such as Fern Island. "Going out on the bookmobile, I knew this was the perfect job," Heili said. She loved working with kids and getting to see the communities in central Wisconsin.

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Source:  Wisconsin Public Library Service Record (2015 preliminary)

MCPL recent news:
Children's museum in library a no-go.  (Wausau Daily Herald, 8/1/2016)
The third floor of the downtown library, which museum organizers had their sights set on, was built late in the process of renovations to the building and has a limited weight capacity, making it fit for meeting rooms or office space but not museum displays and patrons, said Ralph Illick, the library director. "When we got far enough into the process to talk about capacity limits, we learned that it would be extremely expensive to augment," Illick said. "Renovations would be very intrusive." 

Library programs offer exercise for your mind.  (Wausau Daily Herald, 7/1/2016)
Marathon County’s nine regional branches will host events, activities and performances based on the topics of sports, health and fitness. Tied to the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil, the entire programming slate is geared towards increasing residents’ awareness and interest in giving their mind and body the boost they need.

Finding fast friends at the library.  (Wausau Daily Herald, 6/10/2016)
Getting out of their comfort zone isn't something that most adults are good at, at least when it comes to making friends. But Tuesday night, a group of adults aimed to knock down those barriers by attending a new program called friend speed dating at the Marathon Public Library's Wausau branch. 

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Statistics found at Wisconsin Public Library Service Data: 1996 - Preliminary 2014. (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)

Marathon County Public Library

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