Wednesday, January 7, 2015

News from Shelby County, Indiana: One Less Bookmobile to Answer For

Source:  Institute of Museum and Library Services
(Most recent numbers available from this source.)

Library board of trustees votes to cease operation of bookmobile.  (Shelbyville News, 1/6/2015)

The unanimous decision take effect immediately.
"It is sad to see the service go, but really with everyone so mobile, people can get to a library or get ebooks from home. I have fond memories of the bookmobile. We had a patron that even brought us homegrown sausage sandwiches at one stop," Wallace said. 
The Shelby County Public Library housed one of only 27 bookmobiles in the state. 

"There are 27 bookmobiles left in the state, so this is a service that is being transposed to a different service. We will be looking at selling it in the future," Wallace said.

To be sold.  Date not set.

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