Friday, December 5, 2014

It's the Principle of the Thing: Ozaukee County Towns Question Bookmobile Funding

Town wants bookmobile funding changed.  (Ozaukee Press, 12/3/2014)

The Town of Port Washington jumps into the discussion.
In Ozaukee County, the owner of a $250,000 home in a non-libraried area pays $9 annually for the bookmobile and the owner of a $100,000 home pays about $3.60 a year, according to Birtell. 

Melichar said the town was approached by Town of Cedarburg [can't get website to load] officials about the issue, noting that township pays about 40% of the county’s share of the bookmobile, which doesn’t stop there either. 

Last month, the Town of Cedarburg board approved a similar resolution asking the county to amend the library system’s 2016-2020 plan to have the bookmobile funded only by those communities served by the vehicle or, failing that, to discontinue bookmobile service in the county. 

Melichar said Town of Saukville officials are likely to take up a similar resolution.   The Town of Saukville also contributes about 10% of the county’s share of the bookmobile, he noted. 

The dollar amount in question isn’t significant, Didier conceded, but the principle is. He would feel better about funding the bookmobile if it stopped in the Town of Port, Didier added, but it doesn’t.

Eastern Shores operates 1 of 8 bookmobiles in the state of Wisconsin.

The others 7 providersare:

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