Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Climate Change Deniers Continue to Jump On the Daily Mail Crazy Train (or Oops! They Did It Again)

(Sidebar:  Carl Hiaasen's Star Island immediately came to mind while watching this video.)

Chillin' with Global Warming*.  (Wisconsin Club for Growth, 9/25/2013)
 (*Available via email subscription.  Yeah, I know, someone has gotta suffer.)

Excerpt:   But oops! Mainstream media have noticed. Not in this country of course, but when you see what they’re writing in England and Germany, maybe this is one time it’s best that we lead from behind.

But oops!!??

Is there an echo in here?

Yes indeed!  Apparently, the Wisconsin Club for Growth worships at the altar of Cal Thomas.

And what are they writing in England?

This "exclusive" from a sex-and/or-celebrity-obsessed tabloid.  Not mainstream media.  Not even close.

Today's headline news from Wisconsin Club for Growth's idea of mainstream media:
Oy vey!

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