Thursday, January 19, 2012

Viroqua Center Board Established

Viroqua Center forms board. (Vernon County Broadcaster, 1/18/2012)

Excerpt: The Viroqua Center is an ongoing collaboration between the McIntosh Memorial Library, Western Technical College and other possible community partners. Through the partnership a new library would be created along with space for a business and training facility that would have space for arts and theatre. The Viroqua Center would be located in downtown Viroqua adjacent to Western Technical College. It's estimated to cost $5 million-$8 million. 

Once the Viroqua Center Board was voted in, the group went about taking care of a number of procedural tasks. It made changes to its bylaws saying that the board could have up to 17 members and that a quorum was dictated by the number of directors in office. But the board stopped short of electing officers. The consensus was that officers should be elected after the board's nominating committee gets more board members seated. 

"We want to add board members and change perceptions that this is a closed group," Daniels said. Carol Gohlke said that choosing officers after having more members on the board had been the task force's plan, and the board voted unanimously to table election of officers. The board talked about its existing grants, potential grants and seeking $500,000 in director's and officer's insurance. 

The insurance, which would cost $1,000, would protect directors regarding their activities with the board. Jeff Gohlke said there are people who wouldn't consider serving on such a board without the "D and O" insurance.

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