Friday, November 6, 2009

Viroqua's Long Look at a New Library Facility

Link to November 5 Vernon County Broadcaster article, "Viroqua's library future still being pondered".

Excerpt: A new library building has been looked into numerous times over the past 16 years. The first official Building Program Statement was conducted in November of 1993. Eleven years later, in September 2004, Larry T. Nix, consulting librarian, conducted a “Viroqua Public Library Space Needs Study.” In October 2005, Hammel and Wilson Library Consultants of Milton, Wis., compiled “A Building Program Statement for the McIntosh Memorial Library.”

“The square footage is constant, but the location is still on the table,” said Gary Krause, a member of the task force.

Erickson said the study by Nix shows the library is in need of a new building between approximately 17,000 and 24,000 square feet, “looking 20 to 30 years out.” The existing library, built in 1905, is 7,063 square feet.

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