Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dodge County Administrator: "Mr. Walker does not speak for Dodge County".

DC board gets first look at 2012 budget. (Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, 8/23.2011)

Excerpt: Since the property value dropped 2.18 percent in the county, the mill rate would be $5.52, as opposed to the mill rate of $5.40 in 2011, to give the county the same budget numbers.

Keeping the mill rate at $5.40 would be a loss in revenue of $700,000 in comparison to 2011.

However, some supervisors do not agree with raising the mill rate.

Supervisor Bob Smith said that saying they aren’t increasing the levy does not mean anything to the public. What they see is taxes going up.

“As far as the public is concerned, we’re playing games with numbers,” Smith said.

He said this year, everybody said they weren’t going to raise taxes and the mill rate increased. This year, everyone says taxes won’t be raised, but the mill rate could increase, basically raising taxes.

Mielke disagreed, stating that the state officials promised not to raise taxes.

“Dodge County did not promise anybody that taxes would not go up,” he said. “Mr. Walker does not speak for Dodge County.”

He said it is important to remember that with the levy cap, the 2012 levy will be the base for the 2013 budget.

Board Chairman Russell Kottke agreed.

“If we don’t raise the 12 cents, I think it’s going to hurt us in 2013,” he said

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