Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nardelli sez it's the "little things"

Let's welcome Bobby Goldsboro to the Retiring Guy stage this morning!

Nardelli abruptly quits state job. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 8/23/2011)

Excerpt: Nardelli* said Tuesday he resigned as administrator for the state Division of Environmental and Regulatory Services because he decided it would be unfair to keep the job knowing he planned to resign soon anyway.

[*The Walker Administration doesn't have the time to post a cumulative collection of agendas, minutes, and other information from the Read to Lead Task Force, but they certainly know how to delete a name in a big hurry when there's a resignation.]

"I was toying with leaving at the end of September," he said. He picked that exit date because it was the 100th anniversary of another state division Nardelli led - Safety and Buildings. He held that job for the first six months of Walker's tenure as governor.

Shortly after accepting his last appointment July 18, "I began to have misgivings about my decision," Nardelli wrote in a July 21 resignation letter to Dave Ross, who heads the state Department of Safety and Professional Services. Nardelli said in the letter it wouldn't be fair to him or the Division of Environmental and Regulatory Services "for me to assume this assignment for only a couple of months."

In an interview, Nardelli said "other little things" related to the internal operations of his former state agency also led to his resignation. He declined to say what those were

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