Friday, August 12, 2011

Sauk County Officials Ask for Input on 120 Services

Sauk County Board seeks taxpayer input. (Reedsburg Times-Press, 8/6/2011)

Excerpt:    Like all local governments, Sauk County is facing budget challenges in 2012 and beyond.

To help direct county officials in making most of their budgets, the Sauk County Finance Committee has created an online survey and invites county residents to participate so that their voices can be heard.

The finance committee and Sauk County Board will consider the input from surveys when reviewing programs and services provided, so that the most important services are offered with the best quality possible

Wondering how many people will actually weigh in on the entire list of 120 services.  (If I were a Sauk County resident, I'd take a selective approach.)
  • Public safety  (17 categories)
  • Judicial (8)
  • Health & social services - Aging and disability programs (12)
  • Health & social services - County health (6)
  • Health & social services - Human services (12)
  • Other health & social services (5)
  • Health & social services - Housing authority (4)
  • Transportation (13)
  • Parks, education, & economic development (17; "Libraries" included here)
  • Land use/Land records (8)
  • Conservation (8)
  • General government (10)

Each of these 120 services can be considered according to the following:

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