Friday, February 12, 2010

@ Your Library: Help for Job Hunters

Link to February 6 Silicon Valley article, " Libraries offers eager job-hunters more help in difficult economy".

Excerpt: The doors on the Campbell Library were still locked Saturday morning when an anxious crowd gathered in the drizzling rain.

They didn't come to listen to children's story time or to check out a best-seller. They came for free job-hunting advice. And this group — barely a fraction of the 11.5 percent unemployed workers in Silicon Valley — not only showed up on time, but early.

"You see jobs online, you apply and it's just dead silence," said Connie Davis, who was laid off from Sun Microsystems nearly two years ago. Still, "you get up every day and you keep at it, keep at it, keep at it, and say, 'Today might be the day.' "

Headlines are heralding the start of an economic rebound and listing major Silicon Valley companies that are starting to hire again. But to Davis, the job market remains "a dead zone." So here she stood in a raincoat on the long ramp outside the library, hoping today would be her day, if only to learn an interview tip that might make a difference in what has been a fruitless quest.

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