Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google Cuts Itself a Piece of the Social Networking Pie

Link to February 10 New York Times article, "With Buzz, Google Plunges into Social Networking".

Excerpt: On Tuesday, Google introduced a new service called Google Buzz, a way for users of its Gmail service to share updates, photos and videos. The service will compete with sites like Facebook and Twitter, which are capturing an increasing percentage of the time people spend online.

The links shared on those social networks are also sending a growing amount of traffic to sites across the Web, potentially weakening Google’s position as the prime navigation tool on the Internet

Tasha Saecker (Sites and Soundbytes) suggests reading this TechCrunch post for background.

I haven't played around with it much myself. I did note that when I click on "Find people to follow", the email addresses of the Library Development & Legislation Committee show up. Imagine that!

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