Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Miscellany

YouTube Debuts Movie Rentals. (Mashable)
Very limited. 5 movies from Sundance Movie Festival.

UW-L instructor sees educational benefit in learning poker. (La Crosse Tribune)
Not Casino? Not Hearts? Retiring Guy's college years were wasted. (Oops! Maybe that's the wrong verb to use.)

(Wisconsin) Lawmakers not stopping with ban on ‘texting while driving'. (Racine Journal-Times)
On deck: cell phones (unless hands-free), DVD players.

Pasadena Proposes Eliminating School Libraries
. (School Library Journal)
Proposed "small-picture" savings: $1.4 million.

Dewey the Movie
. (EarlyWord)
In Hollywood, it's a long and winding road between concept and reality.

Edgar nominees 2010
. (EarlyWord)
Note to myself: Check availability in audio.

MTV's Jersey Shore Closes With Series Records
. (Multichannel News)
Perhaps the most maligned TV show in recent history, "Jersey Shore" [no, not that one!] cleans up in the ratings. DVD of season 1 to be released on February 23.

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