Thursday, June 8, 2017

Greetings from Pershing Square, Los Angeles

From Retiring Guy's postcard collection


  • 1866.  Block 15 set aside as a town square.  No funds provided for improvements
  • 1870.  Renamed Los Angeles Park, which was fenced in with trees planted around the perimeter.
  • 1910.  $80,000 renovation.  Architect John Parkinson's design creates a symmetrical plan with walkways and ornamental plantings.
  • 1918. Renamed Pershing Square, in honor of John Pershing, commander of U.S. forces in what later became known as World War I.
  • 1930s and 1940s.  Gathering place for the marginalized
  • Early 1950s.  Renovation includes subterranean parking garage (access at lower right in postcard) and a walking path around the perimeter of a fenced-in lawn area.
  • 1990s.  Another redesign, which KCET shrugs off as not worth describing.

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Here's the Timeline For the Big Redesign of LA's Oldest and Most Hated Park.  (Curbed Los Angeles, 9/2/2015)
Pershing Square is Los Angeles's oldest park, dating from 1866 (with name changes and redesigns since), but an unfortunate Post-Modern renovation in the early 1990s has also made it LA's most hated.

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