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Diana Lee Hagerman Smith (1940-2017) Warren High School class of 1960

Source:   Warren Times Observer

1960 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Hagerman Arth P (Margt E) mach opr Pennsylvania Furnace h9 Bradley
  • Hagerman M M emp Sylvania r9 Bradley
  • Smith Cecelia (wid Frank J) h1919 Pennsylvania av E
  • Smith Diana L Mrs plant wkr Warren Components r1919 Pennsylvania av E
  • Swanson Thekla L retd h1919 Pennsylvania av E
 1983 Warren City Directory
  • Hagerman Margt retd r959Jackson Ave Extn
  • Phillips Raymond & Linda; mach Rexnord h959 Jackson Av Extn

Like 'Diane' and Dianne', 'Diana' experienced her best years during the mid-20th century, when she spent 25 years (1942-1967) in the top 70, peaking at #42 in 1946.  Unlike her rivals, 'Diana' maintained her popularity into the early 21st century.  She is currently working to reserve a small decline in fortune.  'Diane' and 'Dianne', on the other hand, are now nowhere to be found.

Other members of the class of 1960
Edward Grosch.  (6/3/2017)
Rita Fitzgerald Lindgren.  (5/25/2017)
Judy Charles Lobdell.  (5/2/2017)
James Johnson.  (3/6/2017)
William Ritchie.  (2/21/2017)
Janice Carlson.  (5/9/2016)
William Irwin.  (3/18/2016)
Patricia O'Neill.  (12/27/2015)
David Hollingshead.  (11/18/2015)
Marlene LeTrent Peterson.  (7/15/2015)
John Marymount.  (3/24/2015)
Kraig Werlin.  (2/1/2015)
Mary Kays Frederick.  (12/9/2014)
Nancy Goodwill Bonavita.  (3/9/2014)
Mary Madeleine Graham Helmbrecht Haslett.  (1/6/2014)

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