Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Three-time Scott Walker appointee Rebecca Bradley underperforms in WI Supreme Court primary election

Source:  Wisconsin Vote

Counties where Bradley won 50% or more of the vote and counties where Kloppenburg won 50% of more of the vote.
Source:  Wisconsin Vote

As I followed the 2012 recall election results, Door and Trempealeau quickly became bellwether counties for me.  In 2010, Walker barely won Door County (50.0% to 48.5%) but collected 57% of the vote in the recall.  He barely lost Trempealeau County (49.2% to 48.9%) but collected 57% vote in the recall. 

The same general pattern held in his 2014 re-election.  Both counties reported their tallies early, and both ended up in Walker's column.  At that point, I knew the election was over for Mary Burke.

In yesterday's Supreme Court primary, Kloppenburg beat Bradley in Door County by 46.6% to 39.2%.  She beat Bradley in Trempealeau County by 54.3% to 38.4%.

I'd say things are not looking good for Walker's 3-time judicial appointee.  And I'm looking forward as Bradley continues her "very positive campaign".

As quoted in Rebecca Bradley, JoAnne Kloppenburg advance in Supreme Court race.  (, 2/17/2016)

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