Friday, July 19, 2013

Carol Stream Library Board Looks for Input on What to Do With Kuhn Road Property

Library may survey Carol Stream residents on land sale. (Daily Herald, 7/18/2013)

SYL vs. STL:   A final vote to approve a contract with ManorCare was scheduled to take place May 8, but the old board majority, led by former President Mike Wade, never got the chance. After Wade's five-person Support Your Library slate was swept in the April election by current board President Jim Bailey's Support the Library slate, the new board members — many of whom have expressed reservations with a sale — were sworn in two weeks earlier than planned.

Property purchase and referenda timeline:

2003.  The library purchases the Kuhn Road property for $750,000 with the idea of building a new facility there.

March 2004.  Two referendum questions rejected by the voters.
  • Purchase $19.25 million dollars in bonds for the construction of a new building  
  • Increase taxes to operate the new facility.

April 2005.   Referendum rejected by voters:  Approve the sale of $19.5 million worth of bonds to construct, furnish, and equip a new Library facility.

April 2007..  Referendum rejected by voters:  Approve the sale of $25 million worth of bonds to build and equip a new library facility on Kuhn Road.

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