Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Carol Stream Residents Take Their Library Back from the Tea Party

New regime at Carol Stream Library, but old challenges remain. (Daily Herald, 4/12/2013)

The winning slate of candidates (and their vote totals)
  • Jim Bailey (1,765)
  • Patricia Johnson (1,758
  • Nadia Sheikh (1,582)
  • Bonita Gilliam (1,505)
  • Edward Jourdan (1,495)

The losing "Support Your Library candidates (and their vote totals)
  • Joshua Jeffrey (838)
  • Susan Galle (1,073)
  • Jerry Clark (912)
  • Current board president and Teabagger Mike Wade (824)
  • Justin Moran (730)

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STL said...

Thanks for your interest in our library elections and for taking time to focus on some of the challenges that faced our candidates. We are thrilled that the voters of Carol Stream took time to vote for our great candidates who will restore integrity and a positive outlook for our library and our community.
-The STL Committee