Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wisconsin Concealed Carry Update

More than 20,000 concealed carry applications pour in this week. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 11/4/2011)

20,476 to be exact, slightly less than the population of the Town of Grand Chute, just west of Appleton.

At the time of the article's publication, 879 applications had been approved and 177 rejected.   Likely reasons for the latter:  insufficient information provided on application, insufficient training documentation, no payment.

The article also notes that 30 to 35 employees have been assigned to process applications "at any given time".  Not sure if these are limited-term workers -- Hey, I thought we were broke! -- or current, temporarily reassigned Department of Justice staff.  If it's the latter case, what's not getting done, and is this suspension of duties delaying the implementation of some other crazy scheme?

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