Friday, May 14, 2010

Library Governance: Case Study for Fall 2010 LIS 712 "The Public Library" Syllabus

Opened August 2009

Link to May 14 Daily Herald article, "Sugar Grove library board faces plenty of questions".

Excerpt:  Friends of the Sugar Grove Public Library took the library board to task Thursday night for changes it is making in the way the board runs the library, and for what it sees as bad treatment of longtime library Director Beverly Holmes Hughes.

And Hughes herself read a statement to the board, saying she thought a change to having an annual staff review by the board was prompted by disagreement with a "recent personnel decision" she made. "My decision to hire and fire staff, for 19 years, has never been an issue for the board," she told the board.

"How is the board more qualified than the staff we have in place?" Pat Graceffa said. She also criticized the board for having a committee meeting at a trustee's house in April, and said the board did not post adequate notice of the meeting.

The discussion came on the same night that the board honored Hughes for 20 years of service to the library, presenting her with a certificate and a lapel pin

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Unknown said...

I saw the meeting posted on the door so Pat's statement is incorrect.