Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Et tu, tutor? Sylvan's Curious Business Model

A worthy partnership?   Just askin'.

Today's Wisconsin State Journal headline.
Sylvan Learning centers suddenly close.  (Madison, WI.  5/11/2010)

Similar stories elsewhere.
Sylvan to close.  (Fremont, NE.  4/29/2010)

Customers out thousands after Sylvan Learning Center locations close.  (Louisville, KY.  4/27/2010)

Sylvan Learning center closes after 15 years.  (Grand Junction, CO.  3/6/2010)

Sylvan Learning Center closes in Cape Girardeau.  (Missouri.  5/19/2009)

Sylvan Learning Center closes.  (Quincy, IL.  5/8/2009)

3 area Sylvan Learning Centers close without warning.  (Springfield, MA.  9/29/2008)

OK, Retiring Guy thinks this sampling establishes enough of a pattern. 

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