Friday, March 26, 2010

Social Networks a Lifeline for the Chronically Ill

Link to March 25 New York Times article.

Excerpt:    A former model who is now chronically ill and struggles just to shower says the people she has met online have become her family. A quadriplegic man uses the Web to share tips on which places have the best wheelchair access, and a woman with multiple sclerosis says her regular Friday night online chats are her lifeline.

For many people, social networks are a place for idle chatter about what they made for dinner or sharing cute pictures of their pets. But for people living with chronic diseases or disabilities, they play a more vital role.

Mentioned in the article:
Alliance Health Networks.
Cure Together.
Diabetic Connect.
Health Central.
Ning.  (My Invisible Disabilities Community)
Patients Like Me.

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