Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kilbourn Public Library Board Reviews Expansion Plans

Link to January 30 report, "Library board considers geothermal heating, plans".

Excerpt: MSA architect Carter Arndt estimates the cost of installing a geothermal heating system to be $150,000. The board may start by installing a system to heat the new addition, but could gradually phase out the library’s old heating system and convert it to a complete geothermal system.

Arndt talked about other features of the library addition, estimated to cost $2.5 million. The addition would expand both to the south and east of the existing building. Plans could double the size of the current library. A parking lot may be added to the east.

The computer lab would be expanded. The addition may have larger space for staff behind the circulation desk, more storage, possibly a gas fireplace, a rain garden, terrace, a larger program room, smaller meeting rooms, a garage for the bookmobile, a sprinkler system in case of a fire and a basement. More rest rooms would be added, too.

Arndt said the construction would take about a year to complete from whenever it is begun. The building can be made Earth-friendly by using biodegradeable linoleum floor tile and LED lighting with sensors, he said.

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