Thursday, December 31, 2020

Wisconsin State Assembly 2020 elections: Robyn Vining's re-election provides additional evidence that eastern Waukesha County is trending purple

Rep. Vining achieved a very convincing win -- defeating her GOP challenger by 8.1 percentage points -- a winning margin of 3,184 votes.  Practically a landslide for Democrats in this neck of the woods!  Congratulations, Robyn!

Source:  Ballotpedia

What makes her and wins especially satisfying is that she won in a district that had been gerrymandered to keep it safe for Republicans. 

A triple-stack of gerrymandering. a.k.a the 5th State Senate Distrct, with three snouts burrowing into western Milwaukee County.  The top 2 of the stack, Assembly districts 13 and 14, are now represented by Democrats.     (Sara Rodriguez defeated 4-term incumbent Rob Hutton in the 13th distrct.)

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In a 2018 race for an open seat, Robyn Vining (D-Wauwatosa) defeated former Wisconsin State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk by 138 votes in a deep-red district.  Many Republicans found Adamczyk, who received a plurality of the vote in a 4-way GOP primary in August 2018, to be an unacceptable candidate.

Three GOP challengers will face off in an August 11 primary.

The art of the Wisconsin gerrymander
Source:  Ballotpedia

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