Wednesday, January 15, 2020

GET ME REWRITE: Reporters Johnny and Joanie OneNote bet on the ponies

Winners:  4 frontrunners, foreign policy, Iowa
Losers:  Klobuchar, diversity and voters of color (it is Iowa, for crying out loud!), Steyer

Winners:  Warren, Buttigieg, Klobuchar
Loser:  Steyer

Winners:  Warren, Bloomberg
Loser:  Buttigieg, Biden, Steyer, Klobuchar, foreign policy

Winners:  Sanders, Biden, Klobuchar, Trump (this is Fox News reporting, mind you), 
Loser:  Buttigieg, Warren, Steyer

Winners:  Warren's sly attack on Sanders, Sander's response, Klobuchar on health care
Loser:  Buttigieg, clarity on Democrats' foreign policy, clarity on the Warren/Sanders tussle, Bloomberg campaign's live tweets

Winners:  Sanders, Buttigieg, 
Brianne Pfannenstiel (New York Times coverage, no less), Warren and Sanders on a female president
Loser:  Steyer, Wolf Blitzer's impeachment questions, Puerto Rico

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