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Reconstruction of county trunk highway AB (Buckeye Road) in Madison WI: January reconstruction site drive-through

City of Madison construction updates

10/8/2019 update starts here

9/6/2019 update starts here

Project details:
Buckeye Road will be reconstructed from Monona Drive to Stoughton Road. The project includes new asphalt pavement, on-street bike lanes in both directions will be added, parking lanes will be added in certain areas, spot replacement on sidewalk on the north side of street, sidewalk will be added to south side of street where it does not exist currently, curb ramp for accessing sidewalks will be improved, pedestrian activated flashing yellow lights on Buckeye Road along Frank Allis Elementary between Jerome Street and Davies Street will be added, pedestrian activated flashing yellow lights at the intersection of Buckeye Road, Maher Avenue will be added, street lighting will be added to the entire length of the project, new retaining walls will replace existing walls, sanitary sewer main will be replaced for entire length of project, existing water main from Spaanem Avenue to S. Stoughton Road will be replaced, and storm sewer will be added to entire length of street.

7/23/2019 update starts here.

6/23/2019 update, "The saga of county trunk highway AB (Buckeye Road in Madison WI).  Amazing what happens when the curmudgeon is voted out of office", starts here.

Chance to reconstruct Buckeye Road on East Side narrows as city, county dispute details.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/7/2019)
But while the county wants the city to agree to take on responsibility for future maintenance and repair of what is now technically a county-owned road, the city is balking at the notion of having to pay for a road while city residents already pay county taxes — including a $28 wheel tax instituted last year — that are supposed to go toward county road costs.
Madison, Dane County trading offers on Buckeye Road reconstruction, no agreement yet.  (Capital Times, 3/16/2019)
Still at odds over the long-term care of a busy stretch of a main east-side thoroughfare, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin is requesting that Dane County eliminate a policy that allows the county to shift road maintenance responsibilities to a city, town or village as a requirement for funding road reconstruction. 
On March 12, the city rejected an offer from the county for the reconstruction of Buckeye Road, which is also county Highway AB. Earlier in the day, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi endorsed Soglin’s opponent in the mayor’s race, Satya Rhodes-Conway.
Madison, Dane County executives announce agreement on Buckeye Road project.  (Capital Times, 4/17/2019)
The project, which was at a standstill under former mayor Paul Soglin’s administration, will reconstruct Buckeye Road — or County Highway AB — from Monona Drive to Stoughton Road, including adding sidewalks where there are none, curbs, gutters and storm sewers. 
Under the agreement, Rhodes-Conway and Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced the city and county would share the cost of reconstruction, and Dane County would maintain jurisdiction. The county will continue to plow snow on Buckeye Road this winter with the city picking up winter maintenance in the 2020-2021.

Original 11/20/2018 post, "This stretch of county trunk highway AB (Buckeye Road in Madison WI) to be reconstructed to urban standards", starts here.

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