Sunday, January 12, 2020

GET ME REWRITE: Meanwhile, the school district still has to come up with millions of dollars for operations and maintenance

Reported in Palmyra-Eagle School District survives, but possibility of massive budget cuts loom.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/10/2020)

Source:  Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (Custom Referenda Reports)

Original 7/3/20109 post, "Palmyra-Eagle Area School District takes next step toward dissolution", starts here.

Source of map without lines and text boxes:  WI Hometown Locator

The Palmyra-Eagle School Board has taken the next step toward dissolving the school district.(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/2/2019)
"We didn’t lose by a little, we lost by 800 votes," [School Board President Scott] Hoff said. "We lost 1,400 to 400 in Waukesha County alone. Disgusting, ridiculous, heartbreaking — every hyperbole you want to throw on it. But it is where we are. And I can’t fix it."

Process set in motion by a failed school referendum.

The vote tally, if we can take Scott at his word:

The middle school and the high school are located in Palmyra (Jefferson County).

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The future of the Palmyra-Eagle School District is in doubt after $11.5 million referendum fails.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/5/2019)

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